Cashew Nut Korma Sauce


Vivek Singh is one of the most successful and respected Indian chefs in the country, with three renowned London restaurants to his name – The Cinnamon Club; Cinnamon Kitchen; and Cinnamon Soho."Kormas are a very popular aspect of Mughlai cuisine, borne from the influence of Mughal rulers who came to the Indian sub-continent from Persia, via Afghanistan and Pakistan. Usually kormas are mild but quite aromatic, often yoghurt is used either


with onions, or with nuts, or both. Our sauce uses cashew nuts along with onions for the extra depth or flavour and texture. Fragrant from green cardamom, mace and nutmeg, these relatively mild curries are much loved across the world. 'This korma sauce is a far cry from the ubiquitous korma sauces we so commonly come across. Dispensing the sweetness for an altogether different cashew nut results in a luxurious texture, rich flavour and mild but deep notes from aromatic spices.'